System Safety, Inc. offers a variety of training options. Based on practical experience of over 20 years all these training opportunities emphasis the practical and realistic implementation of safety methods and management tools. We strongly believe that good safety practices will result in safety products. These methods and practices have to be applied correctly to yield meaningful results. The knowledge of methods as well of their limitations and appropriateness for a given task are essential preconditions for an effective use and correct application. System Safety, Inc. uses a multi-level approach to disseminate the knowledge and experience gained in hundreds of projects:

  • Webinars (60-90 minutes of online training using Webex,  GotoMeeting, etc.)
  • Seminars (In-person 2-3 day seminars to allow in-depth training and discussions)
  • Corporate training (In-house 2-5 day training specifically tailored to your organization and needs)
  • University Courses (Online UC extension courses for practical, academically based Training)