System Safety, Inc.



 (January 2019)

System Safety, Inc. reserves the right to schedule, plan and book all travel arrangements necessary under existing consulting agreements. A detailed breakdown of travel costs will be submitted with every invoice. Receipt copies will be submitted upon request however original receipts will not be submitted. The following Travel Policy applies to all travel during services performed by SSI:


  1. Lodging and Per Diem


Lodging for trips exceeding 10 hours or 1-day total time (travel + consulting) will be billed at cost. Accommodations in mid-class hotel (Residence Inn, Courtyard, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Crown Plaza, etc.) for single room occupancy at best available rate will be billed at cost.

Meals will be charged at cost, or a daily Per Diem will be charged at:

1) Breakfast       $18.00

2) Lunch             $25.00

3) Dinner           $45.00

A flat charge of $15.00 per day for miscellaneous costs applies (trip-insurance, telephone, internet mail, tips, decline of CDW for rental car, airline bag fees, etc.).


  1. Mileage


A mileage rate of $0.70 for either the actual miles driven or the shortest distance determined by Google Maps or similar routing software +10% will apply.


  1. Air Travel


Flights on major US or international carriers only (American Airlines, Delta, United, Lufthansa, etc.). Fully refundable coach fare for flight times less than 6 hours, first class fare for domestic flight segments 6 hours or more, and business class on international flights. Economy class upgrades (UA Economy Plus, Southwest Business Select) if available, no travel on ‘basic-economy’ fares. Discounted airfare only per special request and if a written statement is issued at least 2 weeks before booking by the CLIENT confirming the acceptance of any and all cost associated with schedule changes, cancellations, ticket return fees and increase in travel time.


  1. Transport to/from Airport


Charges for transportation to/from the airport originating from SSI’s primary place of business either by car + parking or shuttle / Uber / Lift will be billed at cost (currently approx. $45 one way). Airport parking at short-term lot (currently approx. $32/day) will be billed at cost. The most cost-effective mode of transportation based on expected travel duration will be selected.


  1. Rental Car


Mid-size or standard size rental car if driving distance less than 150 miles / full-size car if driving distance greater than 150 miles. Rental from major US or international agencies only (AVIS, Hertz, Budget). Rental fees include fuel service and all applicable fees and taxes. On international rentals, liability and damage insurance will be accepted.


  1. Other Costs


Additional expenses will be charged at cost.

  1. Parking and storage fees
  2. Reasonable toll charges
  3. Business telephone calls charged to a phone card or printed on a lodging receipt
  4. Laundry costs for traveling longer than 3 days
  5. Metered parking
  6. Baggage Handling Fees or Expenses


  1. Travel Time


Travel time (door-to-door) will be charged per SSI’s current rate schedule. Hourly rates will be reduced to 50% of the current hourly travel rate for travel time exceeding 8 hours per day. Travel time will be billed at current hourly consulting rates if the travel time exceeds the consulting time spent on-site (per trip).

  1. Weekend Stays


Weekend stays at CLIENT’s site only if the total consulting time per trip exceeds 72 hours. After on-site stays longer than 2 weeks the customer is responsible for the travel costs for one home visit according to the terms of this policy.

  1. Weekend Travel


Weekend or holiday travel only at special request and in emergency or urgent situations. A 50% surcharge for weekend travel time applies.

  1. Cancellation / Forced Changes / Emergency Travel


All client approved travel plans can be canceled by the client 48 hours plus the number of scheduled consulting days before departure at no cost (2 days scheduled -> cancellation 4 business days in advance, 5 days scheduled -> cancellation 7 business days in advance). Later cancellation will result in cancellation charges of 50% projected travel and consulting time in addition to all costs (reservation costs, deposits, etc.) incurred due to the cancellation.

Excess travel time due to forced schedule changes (weather delays, equipment failure, etc.) will be charged at 50% of the current hourly travel rate. Additional expenses for alternative transportation, lodging, and meal expenses will be billed at cost.

Emergency travel cost due to accident or family emergency will be charged at cost; travel time will not be charged.