System Safety, Inc. frequently offers 1-3 day focused seminars on issues of Risk Management, Functional Safety and Software Safety. The in-person seminars allow an in-depth training that goes far beyond the detail that much shorter Webinars offer. In small groups of up to 20 participants insight into current industry best practices and practical implementation of methods are addressed. The seminars are offered in co-operation with:

Global Compliance Panel and Compliance Online


These seminars are conducted in target domestic and international markets and the context is frequently updated to reflect current and upcoming changes in methods, practices and regulatory requirements..


Seminars in 2014


Date   Topic   Location 
February 24-25  Implementing Risk Management Principles and Activities within a Quality Management System  Sydney, Australia
May 22-23  Medical Device Software Risk Management and Assurance Case  Los Angeles, CA
May 29-30  Medical Device architecture – Design for Safety  San Jose, CA
June 19-20  Medical Device Software Risk Management and Assurance Case  Boston, MA