Safety Engineering Services for the Medical and Process Industries 

System Safety, Inc.  offers comprehensive consulting for two particularly critical components of medical devices and industrial control systems:

  • Safety for Electronic and Software Systems

The ability to consult on these two closely related parts of a device sets System Safety, Inc. apart from the usually separated software V&V and hardware reliability assessments. We provide full support for the entire embedded system optimizing the trade-off between hard-, firm- and software implementation and architectures by using the latest practices and methodologies.

Combining domestic and international requirements System Safety, Inc. supports the engineering team in the design of a safe and compliant product.
We do not believe that safety can be separated into arbitrary components like hardware, firmware and software components or rely solely on risk management. Safety is a system property and has to be designed into each product and module as well as managed during the entire device lifecycle. Only the integration of safety engineering into all development activities and components will ensure a verifiably safe and efficient product that also complies with all pertinent regulatory requirements.


Markus Weber

Principal Consultant